Retaining Top Tier Talent Amidst the Great Resignation

It is no secret that we are living in a job seekers market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that “in December alone, nearly 6 million workers left [their jobs] for something better.” With that, there is an increased demand for employees, which allows for candidates to leverage better compensation and titles. The Great Resignation refers to the roughly 33 million Americans who have quit their jobs since the spring of 2021(NPR, 2022). Amidst the Great Resignation, it is critical for employers to retain their top tier talent, because as noted in the Harvard Business Review, “it takes significantly longer to recruit someone than it does for them to give their two-week notice and depart.” Below are some strategies to genuinely boost your employee’s happiness and lower your turnover rate.

Emulate Passion

Although this might seem obvious to some, it is important for the founder of any respective company to emulate vision and passion for what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Forbes interviewed Fumi Ogunsemore, CEO and Founder of Valley of Joy Homecare, who described that “the biggest way we can attract and retain talent during this time is to be an example of the talent we are seeking. What is your passion? Where does your drive come from? Be that inspiring leader with real follow through on your dreams that energizes others to be proud of the team they are a part of.” This is incredible advice because although companies spend an innumerable amount of time crafting the perfect “about us” page and snackable mission statements, what resonates with employees is the person behind the business. The founder of each company should make sure that their vision is clear to their employees every day. It takes deliberate action but should always be at the forefront of each meeting and interaction. It should not only inspire them but make them feel proud to be a part of that team.

Utilize Freelancers

“When there is an outpouring of employees exiting a company, it is not unusual for the remaining employees to shoulder their work. This is a recipe for disaster. When the remaining employees are expected to do their own work on top of an additive position, they can easily become frustrated and feel undervalued.” Says Evan Violette, CSS PSG Managing Sales Director. 

This is a great opportunity to utilize part time freelancers to take on the work of those who have exited the company. Of course, a freelancer cannot take on the full-time position, as that is not the premise of their work schedule. However, even by making an effort to offset some of the day-to-day responsibilities, employees will feel that their work is a priority, and they as people are a priority.

Be Flexible

Our new normal looks much different than it did even just three years ago. Now, there is a focus on flexibility not only in terms of the work from home environment, but also jobs as a whole. The Harvard Business Review pointed out that by having your employees be a part of constructing the business in our new normal environment, they will be much more likely to stay. “If people help build their dream home, they’ll want to live in it.” Rather than dictating stringent rules on work from home policies and overall career trajectory, include your employees in the decision-making processes. Solicit feedback on what has worked best for them, and what would amplify their productivity.

Actively Listen

There are many tactics that hiring managers and CEO’s can put into place to retain their employees. But, the most important thing to remember is that your employees are also people. Yes, people enjoy pizza parties, unlimited PTO, and additional perks. However, what they value most is being heard. Listen to your employees, when they come to you with a problem, and make sure that you are actively listening. Additionally, reach out to them proactively if you notice something is wrong or feel that they need someone to talk to.

Although we have had a year filled with complexities, people themselves are relatively simple. By offering them competitive compensation, a listening ear, and an inspiring story, they will be much more likely to stand by your side. Put yourselves in your employee’s shoes. What would incentivize you to stay?


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