Purple Cow Nominations

Nominate a CSS Associate or Corporate Employee by emailing [email protected] with the employee’s name and the reason they deserve the award! Monthly winners will receive a prize worth $200 – CSS Purple Cow Award

Job Seeker Resources

Advanced Interviewing Techniques E-Book by CSS – Click here to download the guide

Donna Pearson Magazine Celebrating 25 Years – Click here to download the magazine

How-To Manuals

How to Use New WebTime System – Time card Instructions

How To Verify Employment – The Work Number Information Guide

New Hire Notices:

NJ  New Hire Notice: Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records MW-400 (11-11)

Employee Forms

2020 W4 Once you have filled this form out email to: [email protected]

Pennsylvania Earned Income Tax Residency Form

Philly Sick Leave Ordinance

New Jersey Right To Be Free of Gender Inequality

CSS Philly Sick Leave Policy

Paycheck Option Form

401K Information

Contemporary Staffing Solutions is now offering a 401k program managed by CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors (CLA) and a new enrollment platform provided by Professional Capital Services (PCS).   This new 401k plan will be made available to ALL CSS Associates meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Completed 1,000 hours of employment with CSS AND
  • Completed 1 year of employment

Under this new program, CLA will provide enhanced customer service, communication, transparency and education, while PCS will provide  improved online resources and retirement planning tools.  For more information, please click on the links below:

Health Benefits Information

How to Enroll:

Contemporary Staffing Solutions’ Benefit Open Enrollment will be from Tuesday, July 21st through Sunday, August 2nd, 2020. All active employees are eligible to participate in the Contemporary Staffing Solutions Program. The employees are also eligible to enroll within 30 days of receiving their first paycheck from CSS. The program includes the following options:

  • BasicCare Medical Plans 1 and 2 with Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Discount Program (Included with the BasicCare Medical plans)
  • Life AD&D- Employee and Dependent coverage
  • Short Term Disability – Employee only

The CSS Benefits Enrollment Guide 2020 contains detailed information about CSS’ benefit offerings. Please review the information carefully.

To enroll:

    • Complete the Enrollment Worksheet with all necessary information
    • Call or go online:
      • The Enrollment Center can be reached at 1-800-766-5710. Representatives available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST
      • OR enroll online at
      • Enrollment ID BCM005426
    • Print a copy of your temporary ID card for the coverage,  and
    • Don’t forget to designate a beneficiary for the Life AD&D coverage

    Note: If you are already enrolled in the Contemporary Staffing Solutions Reliance BasicCare Program, your current elections will automatically continue with the new Plan Year that begins on August 3, 2020 UNLESS you contact Reliance Standard to change your selections.

    Newly hired employees have 31 days to enroll after receipt of their first paycheck.

    Once you enroll, your new coverage election will be effective on the first day of the pay period following the pay period in which a premium deduction occurs. Summary Plan Descriptions and ID Cards will be mailed to your address listed in our files.

    Any questions should be directed to Reliance Standard Customer Service at 1-866-375-0775.

CSS Benefit SPDs and Temp ID Card

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