Candidate Testimonials

The best Recruiter for Recruiters

My recruiter, Hailey has been wonderful from our first conversation. She placed me in the type of role that I had been hoping for. Throughout my employment she has served as an excellent representative, went out of her way to make sure that I received timely answers to any questions, helped to facilitate an increase in pay for me, and in general has been nothing but kind and supportive. As someone who has been in recruiting for over 30 years, I believe she is one of the best!

Diane C.

Above and Beyond Expectation

Hi, I am on a break from my training in my new role. This career position was secured for me by my recruiter, Rebecca at Contemporary Staffing Solutions. It would take several pages to express my gratitude to Rebecca. She took a good deal of time to find out “Who Is John?”, what is he all about? what is there about me that you can’t see on a resume? and most importantly what makes me a perfect candidate for the position?. Because of her intuitive, insightful nature and professionalism she matched me up with two great companies that needed someone with my experience, personality, and passion for doing a great job. She eased and relieved my fear of interviewing online with real-world advice and tools for success. Rebecca was my Cheerleader, she believed in me and I knew I was in great hands. Her guidance helped me to secure not one but two job offers and the online interviews went so well that the interviewers were excited to be the ones to have interviewed me. Don’t believe me? Ask Her!. As I mentioned at the beginning of this testimonial I am currently in training with the company and I am incredibly grateful to Rebecca and Contemporary Staffing Solutions. I have worked with 3 Staffing Agencies in the past 20 years and without question, Rebecca is the most caring, and insightful professional I have had the pleasure of working with. She made me feel like a winner and improved my interviewing skills! I am over the moon with joy because Rebecca went Above and Beyond to help me find a great position. Thanks, Rebecca. You Are My Hero and My Champion.

John D.

Dream Job

I had the privilege to be helped by the CSS recruiter Robin. She presented me with a fantastic opportunity in a specific job field that I was looking for. My past experience and skills were very aligned with what Robin and her team were looking for. She then presented my resume and information to the hiring manager. Robin was very quick and responsive for feedback and next steps during the interview phases. Her expertise helped secure the job of my dreams and I owe her much gratitude for that. She’s a wonderful recruiter and I am once again thankful for her guidance through this job search.

Anthony M.

I have a new job and a wonderful opportunity

I received a job offer today that I had my fingers crossed for. Thanks to my recruiter, Robin, I had the confidence and the information that I needed to effectively go through my interview process. I have a new job and a wonderful opportunity in front of me because of her. I am very grateful to Robin and everyone at Contemporary Staffing. You all are pretty awesome and thank you so much!!!

Shayla T.

Easy process

The process was easy. Communication was really good and thorough. During the process, Ashley made me feel comfortable and confident with each step needed to move forward.

Tony K.

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