A Conversation with Brianne Dahl, Account Executive

A new face in CSS Professional Staffing Group, Brianne Dahl’s time has been marked by significant achievements and a passion for building meaningful connections with both her clients and team members. From securing deals with three new companies to taking a brisk walk before making calls, Brianne goes above and beyond to not waste any time in her day-to-day life. 

Connect with Brianne directly or reach out to the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization for the top contingent staffing services across multiple niches.

 Let’s dive into the insights she shares about her experiences, both in and out of the office, as we unravel the layers of her journey at CSS PSG.


Describe your biggest win at CSS Professional Staffing Group. 

Although I’m relatively new here, it feels like a big win. With a shoutout to some amazing team members, especially the Recruiting Directors, we managed to secure deals with three new companies, spreading our recruitment efforts across different industries. Those RD’s really knocked it out of the park helping me seal the deal!


Describe a difficult situation you’ve been in with a job seeker (challenges the job seeker was facing in their job search) and how you turned that challenge into a win. 

In my role, we often have candidates reaching out for support in finding their next role. While there’s only so much, I can do personally besides connecting them with our recruitment team, being that extra layer of support means a lot. Recently, I had a conversation with the head of legal at a large organization who had just lost his job. While chatting, I mentioned how my team could assist him, making note of the limitations on my end. He appreciated the gesture and expressed interest in bringing us in to help with his recruitment efforts once he lands a new position. Similarly, heads of marketing have echoed similar sentiments, noting that they’ll remember the kindness shown in our interactions. It’s a reminder that genuine care and support leave a lasting impression.


In what areas have you grown the most professionally at CSS PSG and how have you seen CSS PSG grow as a whole during your time here? 

Evan always tells the team to celebrate the small wins, and that was hard for me to understand because we all know in our world, it has its peaks and valleys, and it really helped me take a step back and enjoy the benefits from the hard work we all put in. CSS PSG has grown so much since I’ve been here, I have seen our relationships grow closer especially since Gianna and I have joined the team, it has LITERALLY grown, but it’s nice to see how welcoming the team has been to us and how supportive our recruitment team has been to all of our new opportunities. This is the hardest working team I have ever been a part of.


What’s a tactic you use to unwind and recalibrate in the middle of the day to refocus and lock into your afternoon?   

Sometimes it is nice to walk away for a second and step outside, I will often brew a cup of coffee and take a minute before I hit the phones again. I always look forward to an afternoon pick me up.


What’s a go-to tool (scheduling, writing, organizing, media, etc.) that makes your life easier from day to day (the more obscure, the more interesting!)  

I’m a huge fan of the sticky notes tool—I always have sooo many open on my screen at any given time. It’s convenient to have everything I need right in front of me, and the app organizes them for me from most recent to least, which is handy. It’s definitely better than having paper floating around everywhere. But I’m also very traditional and still bring a notebook everywhere!


What culturally stands out about the CSS PSG team that breeds success? 

As simple as it may seem, it’s nice to have a leadership team that wants to see you win. Every time we have a group meeting, I always feel excited to grow my book and start climbing to the success that the rest of my team has achieved and continues to achieve.


If you could open a CSS headquarters anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Italy would absolutely be the top pick for me—there’s nothing quite like working from a balcony with an ocean view in front of you and winding down the day with some local limoncello! – I say this like I’ve been there (I have not lol)


A quote to live by and why it matters to you?

“When you don’t know what to do, you don’t do anything at all”—my grandma used to say this to me all the time, and it’s something I find myself repeating daily. Taking a moment to sit back often brings clarity to any situation, and the outcome is usually better than if you had reacted impulsively.


If you could be featured on a song of any musical artist, who would it be and why?

Firstly, I’m a terrible singer. The phrase “don’t quit your day job” was probably coined with my singing in mind. So, I doubt anyone would want to feature me. However, there’s something about this song—Never Be Like You by Flume—that just resonates with me. It brings back memories of summer, with the windows down and blasting fun music!


What’s your favorite way to say goodbye (FINAL QUESTION)? 

In my family, we always give a hug and for everyone to text when they’ve arrived home safely. I remember when I first started, I used to text Lauren when I got home. It’s just become second nature to me!


Connect with Brianne directly, or contact the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization here for information on our expert contingent staffing services across HR, Accounting and Finance, Office Support, and Contact Center Support. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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