How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes in 2022 and Land Your Dream Job

We are currently living in an era known as “The Great Resignation”. Americans quit their jobs at a record pace during the second half of 2021, and the resignation does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With that, many job seekers are dusting off their resumes in hopes of landing their dream jobs. No matter how well versed you are in technology and the application process, there is always room for some fine tuning. We have collected a slew of tips from experts to avoid common mistakes and optimize your job search. These tips will not only ensure that your application is seen, but that it sets you apart.

1. Include a Summary

The Washington Post noted that “finding an online job listing and submitting a resume is the bare minimum.” It is imperative for candidates to include a summary at the top of their resumes. This allows recruiters to understand who you are, and how your skills match the specific role. A resume without a summary leaves much up to the interpretation of the recruiter.

“By including the additive section, you are the narrator of your experience and qualifications, and you can pitch yourself in a much more digestible manner than 1-2 pages of bullet points. Within the summary section, you can also intertwine a bit of your personality so that the recruiter can get a taste of who you are as a person in addition to as an employee.” Says Alyssa Mastrangelo, CSS PSG National Recruiting Director.

2. Turn Your Experiences into Accomplishments

When working on your resume, it can be easy to fall into the habit of listing your past work experiences as bullet points to the corresponding job description. However, The Washington Post, continues to note that recruiters and hiring managers are much more interested in hearing about your accomplishments rather than those job descriptions. They also specified that “job seekers can make their past work even stronger if they can tie their accomplishments to a skill or objective required for the new job.” Although it can take some time, it will benefit you in the long run to comb through your resume and reword the descriptions to be tailored towards the job you are applying for. Try to steer clear from generic words such as “communicating” or “collaborating”. Rather, be deliberate in your choices and include specifics such as “email marketing” or “operations management.” Recruiters sift through resumes on a daily basis and can immediately identify fluff verbs.

3. Explain Your Gaps

Contrary to the Great Resignation, many people have also lost their jobs, rather than left on their own volition. Much of that is due to unavoidable company layoffs, and overall downsizing. So, it is not at all out of the norm to have a gap on your resume. However, according to Business Insider, instead of waiting for an interview to discuss those gaps, it is imperative to include an explanation within your resume. Hiring managers and recruiters are aware of the impact that Covid 19 has had on the job force, and they are more understanding than you think, especially if the information is clear and up front. Without the explanation, again, your resume is up to the interpretation of recruiters. By including your gap reasoning, it immediately displays your transparency as an employee.

It is likely that there has been at least one instance where you have submitted a generic resume out of convenience and speed. Although it requires some more work beforehand and a tailored format, by adding specificity, personality, and transparency, you are much more likely to be taken seriously as a potential asset to the company. The same way that you have a dream job, recruiters and hiring managers have a dream resume that they stumble upon. Put these tips and more into action and that could very well be you.


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