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Sometimes, it just takes someone who believes in you to make the difference

This was true of CSS Professional Staffing Group’s founder, Donna Pearson. All it took was one person who believed in her abilities to plant the seed for a 27-year legacy of bringing a personalized, human-first approach to recruiting.

That’s how we’ve earned recognition for our growth as a company and commitment to service from publications like Forbes, Inc., and Smart CEO. It all starts by caring deeply for the people we serve.

Jacob P. | CSS Candidate [Human Resources]

“In past experiences, I felt like the recruiter was just trying to get me to take the job for their own benefit. This was the exact opposite of that experience. Both Ashley and the company were beyond helpful and couldn’t have made the process any better. I can not thank Ashley and her team enough for getting me the perfect job.”

Melaine M. | CSS Candidate [Accounting / Finance]

“I have hit the jackpot!! my recruiter was personable and caring. She listened and was there to help. She was compassionate towards me going thru my COVID experience and got me back to work with one of the best companies I ever worked for. For the first time in my life, I love going to work. I have never experienced this in my life.”

We know every hire you make contributes to your success.

The only way you ensure that success is through a personalized, human-first approach to consulting. That’s the path CSS Professional Staffing Group has followed since our founder, Donna Pearson, set our values in place 27 years ago.

That’s how we’ve earned national recognition from publications like Forbes, Inc., and Smart CEO. It all starts by caring deeply for the people we serve.

CSS Employer

"CSS has been an awesome partner with whom to work. The energy is contagious, and my recruiter’s passion for her work is huge. She is so reliable, always follows up and follows through in a most timely manner. She has made my job so much easier knowing that I can always count on her. I have so enjoyed working with her and her team members at CSS"

CSS Employer

“I have been with many agencies and CSS PSG is by far the most productive company I have ever worked with. Goes without saying that your industry is extremely saturated, and the edge needed to effectively compete is going beyond just providing a service and actually helping your client be successful. You’ve done this for us, and I wanted to be sure that was known.”

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