Top Skills Employers Want in 2023

Some of these skills may sound familiar, however, the 2023 work ecosystem adds new meaning to old standards. Here are the most important skills to include on your resume and how they relate to the 2023 workplace brought to you by CSS Professional Staffing Group.  

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New applications for old ideals  

Opportunity comes to those who leverage change to their advantage, and the current employment environment is challenging all to be opportunists. Those searching for their dream role in this era of remote, flexible work need to apply new meaning to old skillsets. Navigating this fickle 2023 hiring climate isn’t for the faint of heart but with a little help and guidance from the experts at CSS PSG, job seekers are sure to find purpose and security in a new role.  

“Representing yourself in the best light is mission-critical to finding employment. Generally, successful work traits today echo those of the past, but applying them to work in 2023 is a whole different ball game,” says Alyssa Mastrangelo, CSS PSG National Recruiting Director. 

Here are eight key skills and applications hiring managers are looking for in 2023.  

1. Digital, and more specifically data literacy  

The rapid digitization of work requires all to learn new tools. Digitization goes hand-in-hand with data literacy and the ability to interpret and affect said data. Tech Jury recently reported that the big data analytics market will reach $103 billion this year. Conversely, poor data quality costs the US economy around $3.1 trillion annually. If you’re able to highlight any data analytics experience or learn it on the fly through programs like LinkedIn learning, you’re sure to stand out from the pack. 

Analyzation through platforms like Google Analytics or Microsoft Excel or Power BI isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, and it opens a world of opportunity.   

2. Time management  

A more primal but ever-important capability is efficient time management. Hybrid and remote work is ingraining in our work culture and carving flexibility into talent management. With that flexibility comes responsibility, and it’s never been easier to mess around on the internet or take an extra hour to eat without the direct, physical oversite of a manager.  

Those with evidence that they can effectively manage their time to produce just as much if not more from a remote setting will build trust with a prospective employer, a grey area in today’s digital workplace.  

3. Communication and collaboration 

One surefire way to expertly manage your time is to communicate and collaborate on a regular basis with your in-person and digital co-workers. Setting collaborative deadlines on projects with co-workers and committing to delivery schedules on solo projects will breed efficiency. Not to mention it’s just nice to connect with co-workers to build camaraderie if you don’t see each other in the office.  

Highlight past collaborative projects and successes to prospective employers to show you’re a team player. Strong, clear communication means more than it ever has been when trying to sell through a screen.  

4. Adaptability  

Encompassing many of the previous skillsets, adaptability distinguishes top-tier job seekers from the rest of the peloton. Job seekers who show they’ve implemented new programs at work, learned new proficiencies, achieved accolades after moving to remote work, or some other evidence of flexibility shows self-motivation as well. Make sure you emphasize this skillset before remote work becomes the norm, as Exploding Topics reported that 25 percent of workers will be fully remote by the end of 2023 with many more working in a hybrid capacity.  

5. Willingness to learn  

The quiet quitting trend proliferated through workforces through 2022 which signaled imbalance between company goals and employee purpose. Showing a willingness to upskill is the perfect way to show you’re ready to take on added responsibility while satiating your interest to learn. If an employee finds a skill or purpose that genuinely intrigues them and that interest lines up with achieving company goals, all parties win. Hiring managers are taking these signs of interest in career progression more seriously in 2023 as they look not only at an employee’s past experience but future potential as well.  

6. Proactive idea generation 

Take what you’ve learned through your willingness to grow and give some of that knowledge back. In the working environment we find ourselves in, no idea is a bad idea, and having the gumption to come forward to your manager or prospective employer with ideas shows creative problem solving. Convey to your potential employer that you’re a source of inspiration beyond your job description to other business units within your company. Do so without asking for more in return, and that effort will end up coming back around.  

7. Creativity  

Creativity isn’t just a skillset designated to marketing, advertising, engineering, or other stereotypical “creative” niches. A creative account manager or human resources lead alleviates problems that are unsolvable by adhering to antiquated strict company guidelines. Those who adapt by trying new strategies going to market, onboarding new hires, or analyzing data from a fresh perspective often uncover efficiencies that elevate personal and company-wide reputation.  

This may take more thought but dig back into your experience and find a scenario in which you creatively problem-solved or discovered an efficiency to let the hiring manager know that you’re one of a kind.   

8. Industry-specific tools  

Though expressing these skills won’t make you stand out, it will ensure you meet the minimum technical requirements for success in 2023’s digital landscape. Make sure to list industry tools like: 

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Zoom 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Adobe Software 
  • Intuit 
  • Salesforce 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Slack 

And any other potentially relevant tools to the roles you are pursuing. This should go without saying, but make sure you actually know the tools you list on your resume. Nothing’s more awkward than landing a job and then being expected to use a tool you don’t know.  

Partner with an expert CSS Professional Staffing Group recruiter to start your dream career in 2023 

To start your 2023 off right by landing your dream role at your dream company, reach out to the recruitment professionals at CSS Professional Staffing Group and begin your employment journey. Specializing in human resources, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support, CSS PSG has been a staffing industry leader for almost 20 years with stellar client reviews. Connect with CSS PSG today to make your career dream a reality!  

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