Why You Should Implement a Tik Tok Recruitment Strategy

When you hear the word “TikTok” it’s likely that you associate it with a myriad of elements, including viral trends, quirky dances, life hacks, and mindless scrolling. However, this scrolling is anything but mindless when it comes to those utilizing the platform who are in search of a new job. According to Statista “Among the 100 million or so [TikTok] users in the United States, 62 percent of [them] are under the age of 29.” This statistic is exemplary of the potential that the platform has in terms of job recruitment for hiring managers, and zoning in on a specific market. See the below tips to optimize your TikTok recruitment strategy, and onboard targeted, enthusiastic talent.

Establish Your Presence

When candidates vet a company, they utilize multiple routes such as Glassdoor, Instagram, Facebook, and really any tool that will provide them with insight into the culture and what their day-to-day will look like. The anecdotal information conveyed in interviews can only depict a certain extent of the company. Alternatively, the beauty of TikTok is that it can showcase a company’s personality in a much more sincere and relatable way than any other social media platform today. So, the first step in optimizing your recruitment strategy is to ensure that the business itself has a presence on TikTok.

“If you feel that your company might not fit the profile for TikTok, think again. Some surprising examples of brand TikTok’s include, but are certainly not limited to, The Washington Post, Duolingo, British Red Cross, NYC Sanitation Ford, and many more.” Says Evan Violette, CSS PSG Managing Sales Director. 

When your company starts ramping up content, make sure to focus on trends, this way your content is visible to a catered audience. The content produced should be humorous, snackable, and informative. More so than anything else, your TikTok page should add value to the users’ life in some way and feel personal to the brand and culture. Stick with the trends, but stay true to who you are.

Source from Within

Although your first instinct might be to reach out to TikTok influencers who have an established following, that isn’t as impactful from a recruiting perspective. If you can source a content creator from within, or even a few people who are comfortable in front of the camera, it will be a much more earnest way of showcasing your company culture and attracting compatible talent. The Washington Post is a great example of this. Recruitics notes that “The Washington Post employee who runs their company TikTok account, Dave Jorgenson, has become an influencer in his own right after creating engaging content for the company. If you have an employee who can take the reins of your brand account, they can create content that feels more authentic and engaging than typical corporate content might.” Some introductory content ideas, aside from participating in viral trends, is displaying a day in the life at said company, presenting specific work perks, sharing office playlists, desk organization tips, and really just thinking about how your company can add value to this person’s life in a way that would motivate them to apply for a position. Humanizing the experience should always be top of mind.

Interact with Other Brands

It is likely that if your potential candidates are on TikTok, they are interacting with numerous videos. In the process of doing so, they are able to see other verified brands who have already commented. By interacting with other brands on TikTok, it is more likely for viewers to feel a subconscious connection with the brand. It is actually a great idea to interact with brands that are out of your scope of practice to broaden your potential audience. Think of it this way, if you knew that a company you were thinking about applying to loved Chipotle as much as you, wouldn’t you feel even just a little but more inclined to send in that resume?


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