6 Hiring Trends for Hiring Managers in 2023

Hiring managers are dealing with a new talent pool this year that prioritizes work flexibility and employee experience more than ever, so here are six accelerating trends to follow when hiring in 2023 brought to you by the staffing specialists at CSS Professional Staffing Group 

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The uncharted hiring landscape of 2023  

After a welcomed holiday respite devoid of hard project deadlines and Slack/Teams (pick your internal communication platform) messages, managers and their teams are ramping back up to wrap up unfinished business in 2022 and strategize for 2023. For managers, a major part of this strategy will be staffing their organizations from the open market.  

“The lingering residue of employee turnover caused by the great resignation and the quiet quitting era of 2022 is making hiring new talent a top priority. However, the systems in place that brought on new hires in the past decade will not meet manager metrics or candidate expectations this year,” says Lauren Behar, CSS Professional Staffing Group sales director. 

2023 introduces a workforce keen on flexibility, DE&I, a strong work culture, and employee wellness among other considerations when deciding where to land on the open market. To acclimate to your future 2023 new hire demands, here are six employment trends managers need optics on to build a successful workforce.  

1. Outsource hiring to a specialized staffing firm  

The first order of business is to take the external sourcing, interviewing, and initial selecting processes off your business’s plate. The American staffing industry grew 20 percent from 2020 to 2021 with its highest-ever valuation of 168 billion dollars. This is a clear sign that organizations are using both contingent and permanent staffing providers more than ever.  

Specialist staffing agencies like CSS Professional Staffing Group lower employment costs through scalability, reduce overtime, allows HR to focus all attention internally, and cut time-to-hire dramatically among other benefits. In fact, depending on a company’s own internal interview schedule, top recruiters often acquire top talent in just ten days. 

Recruiters are also morphing into industry thought leaders with valuable information for clients and candidates. Add in top recruitment houses’ AI and data-leveraging capabilities, and companies should see staffing outsourcing as a no-brainer.     

2. Open up to a world of remote candidates  

The workforce has proven it is just as productive in either hybrid or fully remote work environments if not more so. This means managers can and should look far and wide for better candidates that may not live in a specific service territory. A recent McKinsey report found that a whopping 92 million people said they can work at least part-time from home, a number expected to grow in 2023.  

These resources on the market are prioritizing not just location flexibility, but work time flexibility as well. As long as these incoming employees attend required one-on-ones, team meetings, and company-wide seminars, managers should allow for time flex to attract the best talent.  

This by osmosis requires remote interviewing, a skill many managers have perfected over the past two-plus years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although nothing will completely uncover a candidate’s hard and soft skills like an in-person interview will, remote interviewing expedites decision-making and cuts the logistical costs of the in-person alternative.   

3. Improve company branding  

An attractive company brand is no longer exclusive to the Apples and Johnson & Johnsons of the world. A recent Walls.IO piece noted that 75 percent of active job seekers are likelier to apply for a role at a company that actively manages its employer brand. To take this point further, a recent Glassdoor study showed that 92 percent of employees would consider an employment change to a company with a stellar reputation with no pay increase 

Brand matters.  

Factors that make or break a company’s brand include employee well-being packages, DE&I initiatives, and L&D opportunities. A recent LinkedIn study reported that 77 percent of staffing experts said diversity will be a crucial factor in the future of staffing. Furthermore, a recent Workramp study reported that 94 percent of workers would stay at their company longer if their employer invested in their skillsets.  

4. Gen Z hits the job market  

Gen Z will be taking the entry-level job market by storm in 2023. Forbes estimates that Gen Zers will make up 27 percent of the global workforce by 2025 (and thanks to biology, that number won’t slow down anytime soon). This means a population brought up totally in the digital age will demand a completely new set of expectations compared to generations before them, so managers should begin to learn their tendencies.  

To tap into this workforce, managers need to focus emphasis on company culture as well as employee purpose. Forbes also found that 42 percent of Gen Zers prioritize having a sense of purpose over financial compensation.   

5. Salary transparency and the death noncompete clauses  

To meet 2023’s active job seeker demands, companies need to stretch a little more than in years past. Legislation requiring employers to disclose salaries of all open roles was implemented in California, Colorado, New York, and others which clearly sets a trend for other states. This means hiring managers may need to boost their budgets for these resources who will know exactly what a competitor pays.  

The competition heats up another notch with a motion pitched by the FTC to eliminate all noncompete clauses. Written into many employment contracts, noncompete clauses forbid an employee from jumping ship to join a direct competitor. The original reason for this clause is to protect trade secrets, but the FTC claims that the practice suppresses employee wages and hinders industry mobility and competition.  

6. Partner with an expert CSS Professional Staffing Group sales consultant to build your 2023 dream team  

To build the perfect team equipped to maximize your business in 2023, reach out to the recruitment professionals at CSS Professional Staffing Group and begin your employment journey. Specializing in human resources, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support, CSS PSG has been a staffing industry leader for almost 20 years with stellar client reviews. Connect with CSS PSG today to hand your staffing need to the talent experts!  

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