Mortgage Services Provider Success Story

The Need

A mortgage services provider was growing rapidly and needed to get hundreds of call center individuals in the door quickly.  While other agencies were sending candidates, almost 50% of all candidates did not show up on day one or they quit within one week.

Keys to Success

CSS customized a recruitment solution that included an orientation the Friday before the Monday start date.  Three orientations were run every Friday with each lasting about an hour.  The sessions taught candidates about the mortgage services provider as a company and let them know what to expect on their assignment from day one forward.

The Final Results  

CSS was able to provide the mortgage services provider with twenty call center candidates every week for two months until they met their staffing goal.  95% of all candidates showed up and made it past week one due to the additional steps CSS took to make sure candidates were serious about the assignment and understood what would be required of them.

Partner with CSS Professional Staffing Group to join your next superteam  

To land your dream role at your dream company, reach out to the recruitment professionals at CSS Professional Staffing Group and begin your employment journey. Specializing in human resources, accounting and finance, office support, legal, mortgage, and call center support, CSS PSG has been a staffing industry leader for almost 20 years with stellar client reviews. Connect with CSS PSG today to make your career dream a reality!  

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