Legal Industry Trends Unfolding in 2023

An industry notorious for privacy, legacy tracking systems, and gatekeeping is being forced to modernize due to the current economic downturn and shifting client expectations. Tightening costs and protecting client data in a digitizing world are of the utmost importance to firms looking to rebound from a bear 2022.  

CSS Professional Staffing Group has compiled three market-leading 2023 trends within the office operations sphere of the legal industry below.  


Law requires agility more than ever before  

The legal industry’s ironclad reliance on antiquated systems from billing to marketing to client interfacing needs to loosen for success in 2023.

“Digital transformations like AI implementation and tightened cybersecurity paired with alternative legal consultation will bring down overhead costs while delivering airtight legal services to clients,” notes Steve Scovner, CSS PSG Sales Director.   

Establishing full transparency will also be key. A Coleman Parkes survey found that 80 percent of venture capital client respondents reported a lack of compensation transparency with 40 percent claiming that bills are always higher than expected. Here are the leading legal trends to monitor in 2023.  


Alternative legal services  

An easy, flexible method of cost-cutting for firms squeezed for cash in 2023 is alternative legal services. What this entails is outsourcing various legal functions like customer service, documentation review, electronic discovery and system implementation, and more. Firms can efficiently outsource these procedures to vetted third-party contract houses specializing in staffing said work functions. 

Global News Wire anticipates the global market for alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) to grow from $7.37 billion in 2022 to $23.04 billion by 2028, an over 3x growth figure.   


The law industry will fully digitize  

No longer can firms and businesses rely on antiquated, siloed, in-house systems to manage client case progressions and billable hours among other trackers. A survey of legal professionals conducted by Wolters Kluwer found that 76 percent of said professionals deem technological adaptation as pivotal to the continued growth and success of their firm.  

AI implementation into legal processes like research, client discovery and contract management, and pattern tracking will revolutionize legal work allowing professionals to focus energy more efficiently. Unfortunately, at this time, only around ten percent of lawyers report that their firm uses AI capabilities. Save your firm time and money with AI, automation, and private cloud support in 2023.   


Cybersecurity and data privacy  

A contentious issue enveloping an industry as reliant on security as the legal field is cybersecurity. The American Bar Association released a 2022 survey of legal professionals in which 27 percent of said professionals reported their firm experiencing a data breach and 25 percent not even knowing if their firm had experienced one. These alarming numbers show the dark side of digitization, the side begging for regulatory action to protect sensitive client information.  

To combat these threats, firms are implementing cybersecurity capabilities like comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions to hold digital copies.  


Partner with an expert CSS Professional Staffing Group sales consultant to bolster your 2023 legal team  

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