How to Make Your Offer Stand Out as a Hiring Manager

Amidst the Great Resignation, Hiring Managers now have access to a new market of prospective candidates. 44% of employees are “job seekers,” according to Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey. These job seekers are in search of greater stability, job security, and overall satisfaction in their day-to-day responsibilities.

“As Hiring Managers, you have the opportunity to secure top tier talent, but in order to do so, your job offer must stand out. If you have reached the point in the hiring process where you have sent over the official offer, it is evident that you are interested in the candidate. However, because this is a candidate’s market, it is likely that they have received multiple offers. Here are some below tips to help your company, and offer stand out.” Says Evan Violette, CSS PSG Managing Sales Director. 

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

A job offer carry’s a significant amount of weight for a candidate. What is included ultimately dictates their future and how they will be spending a majority of their time. Although the written offer is the culmination of the interview process, the personalization component should begin from the very first meeting. LionStep touches upon the importance of personalizing a job offer, by noting that “What one talent perceives as a benefit, can be different to another talent. This is even more distinct for different positions. Tech talents might care about different work aspects compared to sales talents. Therefore, it is not just important to cover details such as: benefits, schedule, growth opportunities, that can be viewed as “universal”, but include job relevant details.” It is also important to keep detailed documentation of what motivates the client – what questions do they continue to bring up? Management? Growth? Remote policies? It can be helpful to keep a running Google Document for all party’s involved in the interview process so that they can keep note of the candidate’s priorities and non-negotiables. From there, you can put the factors of most importance at the beginning of the job offer rather than towards the end. This indicates to the client that you are actively listening to them and prioritizing their values.

The Devil is in the Details

When working with clients through the hiring process, we are all aware of the back-and-forth communication that can delay the acceptance of a job offer. By making sure your offer is as detailed as possible, you are cutting out many of the follow up questions. When a potential candidate has to follow up numerous times, it can leave a bad taste in their mouth. That lack of information might indicate to them that they will have to follow up similarly in their roles and responsibilities, as well as highlighting the added time to obtain information. Any added time that is tacked onto the hiring process also puts you at risk for losing the candidate to another company who offers more detailed information and a quicker onboarding process.

Convey Enthusiasm  

The offer itself is especially exciting for the candidate to receive. However, the method in which they receive that news can also make a significant difference in the decision outcome. Indeed notes that when delivering the exciting news, it is important, when possible “to make a phone call to offer a candidate a position. This allows you to share mutual excitement over the opportunity and answer questions about the new role immediately. If a candidate doesn’t answer their phone, leave a message with your contact information so they can talk to you at a more convenient time.”

Make sure to contact the candidate via phone call or video chat so they can better interpret your excitement surrounding them joining your team. Especially if you are the direct hiring manager for the client, it is important for you to be the one to extend the offer as they will associate you with the overall process. When clients receive multiple offers, it is likely that most of them will be conducted via email. By going the extra mile to make a personalized, human connection, you will stand out from the crowd.

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