How Summer Fridays Offer Long Term Company Benefits

With the end of summer approaching, it is more pertinent than ever to highlight the benefits of summer Fridays and the value they add to your employees. This value, consequently, radiates to the company as a whole. So, if you have not already implemented summer Fridays, here are a few reasons why you should give it some serious thought.

Summer Fridays allow for employees to either end work early (around 1 pm) or have the entire day off without using their accrued paid time off. This is implemented only during the summer months in the hopes of employees avoiding burnout as well as having extra time to enjoy the warm weather. Summer Fridays are geared towards corporate companies who can afford to take a few hours or the day off for the entirety of the summer, versus other industries such as retail, restaurants, and shipping services. The corporate companies who are able to institute this policy see long-term benefits that last well into the fall, winter, and spring.

1. Employee Productivity

Similar to when employees are gearing up for a big vacation, they are more likely to complete their work ahead of time so that they can fully enjoy said vacation. The same goes for summer Fridays. According to ADP, “66% of employees who do have summer hours felt more productive.”

“Offering this flexible schedule to employees fosters more of a trusting work environment that mimics our new work-from-home protocol. It is much more about the quality of your deliverables versus the allocated hours of the now, somewhat outdated, 9-5. Says Evan Violette, CSS PSG Managing Sales Director. 

2. Increase in Morale

It almost goes without saying, but by instituting summer Friday’s you will see a direct correlation in company morale, as well as both retention and acquisition metrics. According to the consulting firm, Adecco and reported on by Forbes, “If an employee’s schedule gives them something approaching work-life balance, they are likely to feel grateful for the flexibility and freedom and, as a result, are more loyal to the organization.” It should not be overlooked how crucial it is to ensure that your employees feel valued. One day off per week, in turn, provides the company with employees who are far less likely to contribute to the great resignation and seek out something better. Company O.C. Tanner studied employee engagement and found that employee recognition was most important to 37% of employees. Teams scoring in the top 20% of engagement experience 59% fewer turnovers. Although many note that “it is just a job”, feeling valued is critical to overall employee morale. Summer Friday’s are a great way to show that value and appreciation because it shows that they are not just valued as an employee, but it also demonstrates value on a humanistic level. This denotes that you are more than an employee, you are a person, and this is more than just a job, it is a community.

3. Reduce PTO

Summer Friday’s are beneficial for an abundance of reasons. However, one of the often-forgotten reasons is that they minimize PTO requests. Employees can utilize their summer Friday’s to catch up on their own housekeeping items such as doctor’s appointments and errands. This is mutually beneficial because the employee can utilize their PTO days for true vacation needs, and the employer will have minimized absences during the busier parts of the work week.

Overall, summer Friday’s are an inexpensive way to show your employees that you value, respect, and trust them. Don’t ever underestimate the power of sunshine and beach days!


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