Financial Services Provider Success Story

The Need

A financial services provider was in need of additional support in their call center for mid-year and end-of-year hiring, during their busy seasons of assisting their customers in college savings and retirement savings.  They did not have the bandwidth to recruit, manage the compliance and paperwork/documentation process, all while retaining candidates.

Keys to Success

CSS provided a tailored recruitment solution, which included reporting and metrics. that allowed them to hand over all call center business to CSS, so that they could focus on their own recruitment efforts.  CSS created a unique vetting process, as well as gave recruiters the responsibility to follow each candidate in the compliance process and gather appropriate documentation for background hits, allowing a smooth process for this client’s recruitment to hit their hiring goals for both seasons.

The Final Results  

CSS had a 100% show ratio for each class because of their diligence and attention to candidates in the hiring process.

Partner with CSS Professional Staffing Group to join your next superteam  

To land your dream role at your dream company, reach out to the recruitment professionals at CSS Professional Staffing Group and begin your employment journey. Specializing in human resources, accounting and finance, office support, legal, mortgage, and call center support, CSS PSG has been a staffing industry leader for almost 20 years with stellar client reviews. Connect with CSS PSG today to make your career dream a reality!  

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