A Conversation with Ben Hauser, Account Executive

Whether Ben is breaking into new market territories as a seasoned account executive or taking his beloved dog on a crisp hike through Arizona’s rocky desert, he’s always trailblazing and always active. Get to know Ben a little better through his career at CSS Professional Staffing Group and how he likes to unwind outside of work.   

Connect with Ben directly, or reach out to the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization for the top contingent staffing services across HR, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support!  

Let’s get into the interview with Ben! 


Describe your biggest win at CSS PSG  

Successfully targeting a new market in Chicago and bringing in over $90k in GM there across two clients that look poised to be long-term accounts.   


In what areas have you grown the most professionally at CSS PSG and how have you seen CSS PSG grow as a whole during your time here? 

I think most of my growth has come from continuing to become an industry expert as my knowledge about our niches and the market increases.  PSG has grown in that they have successfully pivoted with the hiring landscape changes to be ready for anything. 


Where/in what sectors, locations, etc. are you hoping to expand your market in the next six-to-12 months? How are you planning to get there? 

I am planning to get new business in Boise and Austin as well as continuing to grow in Phoenix and Chicago. 


What’s a tactic you use to unwind and recalibrate in the middle of the day to refocus and lock into your afternoon?  

I take my dog for a walk or spend some time playing with him. 


What’s a go-to tool (scheduling, writing, organizing, media, etc.) that makes your life easier from day to day?  

As a sales rep, ZoomInfo makes my life the easiest by far! I can’t imagine not having access to email formats and phone numbers with the click of a button. 


What culturally stands out about the CSS PSG team that breeds success? 

Everyone wants everyone else to succeed.  While personal success is important, this is a team that definitely wants to help each other hit our goals. 


What’s your go-to power lunch?  

Breakfast for lunch! 90% of my lunches are a hash made of sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, eggs, and turkey sausage. 


If you could have one attribute from three different significant historical figures, what and from whom would they be and why?  

I don’t have a great answer for this, so I’ll say:

  • George Washington-Teeth
  • Abe Lincoln-Hat
  • Napoleon-Height



A quote to live by and why it matters to you.   

“You can’t control the weather.”  To me, this just means there are going to be a lot of things you can’t influence in life, so you have to learn to go with the flow and enjoy it anyway.  Control the few things in life that you can to make the life you want. 


You have 1,000,000 to donate equally to three charities; which ones are you donating to and why?   

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The World Wildlife Fund, and Best Friends Animal Society.  Animals are a big soft spot for me especially because most of the time they can’t defend themselves from cruelty, poaching, or habitat destruction. 


Your manager suddenly gives you permission to work the next month from anywhere in the world all expenses paid for; where are you adventuring to and why?  

As long as I can teleport my dog there as well, I’d choose Belize. It’s a good mix of beach and hiking/exploring. 


If you could relive one weekend of your life, what would it be and why?  

Probably a weekend in Vegas with some of my best friends growing up.  It was the first time we all got together as adults with jobs, and it was special. 


If you had to pick one actor/actress to play you in a biopic, who would it be?  

Probably Fred Savage. 


If you could be on a reality TV show for one season, which would you be on and why?  

The Circle, I think I could win! 

Connect with Ben directly, or contact the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization here for information on the top contingent staffing services across HR, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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