A Conversation with Andy Scott, Account Executive

A master networker and hyper-focused market expander, Andy hit the ground running at CSS Professional Staffing Group acquiring new territories and winning client exclusivity. When Andy isn’t breaking new ground for CSS, you can find him strumming his guitar and supporting his hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles! Get to know Andy a little better through his career at CSS Professional Staffing Group and how he likes to unwind outside of work. 

Connect with Andy directly, or reach out to the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization for the top contingent staffing services across HR, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support!  

Let’s get into the interview with Andy! 


Describe your biggest win at CSS PSG  

Winning exclusivity for one of our largest BPO/Call Center Accounts. We were 1 of 8 agencies last year and were brought back as the sole agency for this year’s assignment. 


Describe a difficult situation you’ve been in with a candidate or client and how you turned that challenge into a win. A client asked our recruiters to turn-around 25 temp agents over a weekend, but the team worked closely as “consultants” and advised that a little extra time would produce more quality candidates, and the client agreed on pushing back the start date for the new class. 


In what areas have you grown the most professionally at CSS PSG and how have you seen CSS PSG grow as a whole during your time here? I would say relationship development and networking! CSS provides its employees with so many different opportunities to network and get out to just talk to people. The more events we attend and sponsor, the more people recognize your logo, but most importantly, you as a person. 


Where/in what sectors, locations, etc. are you hoping to expand your market in the next six-to-12 months? How are you planning to get there? North and South Carolina! I plan on getting there by doing my proper research and outreach! Also, Zoom Info, SourceBreaker, and Sales Navigator are also vital tools for getting there. 


What professional accomplishments are you most proud of achieving in 2022 and why? I would have to say my steady pace towards my first President’s Club. It just feels good always seeing my name on the list when our President sends the update every month. 


What’s a tactic you use to unwind and recalibrate in the middle of the day to refocus and lock into your afternoon?In the morning and the afternoon, I like to unwind with 10 minutes of playing my guitar. I try and learn/cover 1 song per week to get my brain working in a different way outside of sales! 


What’s a go-to tool (scheduling, writing, organizing, media, etc.) that makes your life easier from day to day? LinkedIn! But it really needs to be used the proper way. Some people get caught up in selling too much on the platform, and others get caught up by being too personable with the “social” aspect 


What culturally stands out about the CSS PSG team that breeds success? Definitely our comradery and how well we all work together. Yes, we all have our own territories and methods of how we manage them, but we love bouncing ideas off one another and share what’s working and what’s not working in this wild talent market. Everyone truly wants to see everyone on the team succeed. 


What’s your go-to power lunch? Chicken Caesar wrap! Maybe with some salt and vinegar chips on the side. 


If you could have one attribute from three different significant historical figures, what and from whom would they be and why?  

  • Abe Lincoln for his public speaking. 
  • Steve Jobs for his innovation and business skills. 
  • And finally, a little cheesy, but Ben Hogan for his golf swing. 


A quote to live by and why it matters to you. This one has stuck with me for my whole life after a baseball camp coach quoted it during tee-ball: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” 


You have 1,000,000 to donate equally to three charities; which ones are you donating to and why? 

  • Cancer Research Institute I’ve seen cancer affect so many people in so many different walks of life. Its programs include training for emerging cancer researchers, clinical research, and public education initiatives. The organization puts 88 cents out of every dollar donated toward its programs. 
  • Hope for the Warriors Hope for the Warriors provides what it calls a full cycle of care to service members, veterans, and their families. It focuses on health and wellness, fostering a sense of community, and providing support for those transitioning from military to civilian life. 
  • Charity: Water According to charity: water, one in ten people don’t have access to clean drinking water. The organization hopes to change these stats by bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. It has already funded over 90,000 water projects around the world. 


Your manager suddenly gives you permission to work the next month from anywhere in the world all expenses paid for; where are you adventuring to and why?  

Might be hard to work from there, but I always want an excuse to go back to Italy. Mainly because of the culture (and the food obviously). 


If you could relive one weekend of your life, what would it be and why? 

My wedding weekend. My wife and I had a mini-moon in New Hope the weekend we got married, then had our honeymoon a month later to spread it out. Great weather, food, and relaxation. 


If you had to pick one actor/actress to play you in a biopic, who would it be? Probably Miles Teller. Philly guy, Go Birds. 


If you could be on a reality TV show for one season, which would you be on and why? The only reality show I’ve watched forever is MTV’s The Challenge, so probably that. The physical games + politics are super entertaining and seem fun. 

Connect with Andy directly, or contact the CSS Professional Staffing Group organization here for information on the top contingent staffing services across HR, accounting and finance, office support, and call center support. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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